Saraswathy Meditation For Students


Saraswati Meditation




Wow... Thank you so much to the makers . -Dipshika Das

Brilliant! -Abhilasha

Excellent explanation with a divine voice -K S Suresh

Guruji's authority on Hindu scriptures is powerful and inspiring, thnks a lot 🙏 -Vinod Kedia

Vedadhara, you are doing an amazing job preserving our sacred texts! 🌸🕉️ -Ramji Sheshadri

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It is the Naraka where people who harm holy people and devotees end up. It is full of cruel beasts, snakes, and insects. They go on tormenting the sinner until his period of suffering is over.

How was the universe created from nothing?

When the time for creating the universe came, Bhagavan handed over the Veda to Creator-Brahma. Veda contains knowledge of what to create and how to create. Vedic vibrations are energy. This energy was used to create both matter and energy present in the universe.


Which among the following countries Indus river ( Sindhu nadi ) DOES NOT flow through ?
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