Purusha Suktam - Shukla Yajurveda



This is a totally different way of chanting Purusha Suktham. Never heard such version.Very nice. -Shankar G

Gud amazing to hear -User_sfirmm

This mantra bring peace to my mind. 🕉️ -Janakraj

Proud to be part of vedadhara's charitable activites 💖 -Krishna Kumar M

Vedadhara, you are doing an amazing job preserving our sacred texts! 🌸🕉️ -Ramji Sheshadri

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Does bhakti-marga prescribe renuncition of action?

No. Instead, bhakti marga requires active participation in the divine plan. Every activity the devotee performs is to serve Bhagawan.

What does Ganesha mean?

In Sanskrit, Gana (गणः) means group and Isha (ईशः) means the Lord. Ganesha means the Lord of groups. In Vedic philosophy, everything exists in groups. For example: 11 Rudras, 12 Adityas, 7 seas, 5 sensory organs, 4 Vedas, 14 worlds, etc. Ganesha is the ruler of all such groups which means that he is the Lord of everything.


How many Rishis had assembled at Naimisharanya and listened to Puranas and Itihasas from Suta ?



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