Meditation of Lord Hanuman

A powerful everyday meditation to get blessings of Lord Hanuman

*Meditation of Lord Hanuman*



Proud to be part of vedadhara's charitable activites 💖 -Krishna Kumar M

The future of Sanatan Dharma is bright because of your service 🌟 -Rimjhim Bodke

This website has a separate vibe❤️🔥🙏😌 -Garvitha Reddy

Vedhdhara, I am highly impressed by the social service your institution has been rendering. -Mthun Tadani

Heartfelt thnks to Guruji for clear and authoritative teachings on scriptures 💖 -Abhishek Thosar

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Who was Hiranyakashipu's sister?


What is the relationship between Chyavana Maharshi and Shaunaka Maharshi?

Chyavana Maharshi was Shaunaka Maharshi's predecessor in Bhrigu Vamsha. Chyavana's grandson was Ruru. Shaunaka was Ruru's grandson.


Who conveyed the comments of citizens about Seetha Devi to Lord Rama after they returned to Ayodhya ?
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