Jaimini Samaveda Chanting - Namboothiri Style



Very unique and different from other styles. -Vikas Joshi

First time hearing this -VG Sharma

Selfless service to humanity is true service to God and the highest form of worship. An endeavour in this direction by Vedhadhara!!! Kudos to all your efforts! 🪔🙏 -User_sfbsve

Not only in India🇮🇳 Veddhara is also famous here in Nepal🇳🇵 -Prakash Thapa

I have utmost respect on your activities. Thank you for all your team is doing for mankind -Madhurima

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Knowledge Bank

Which is the only existing shakha of Rigveda?


What is the significance of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar's connection with Guruvayurappan?

Chembai's life was deeply intertwined with his spiritual devotion to Guruvayurappan. It involves a miraculous cure through his devotion and the initiation of an annual tradition of performing at Guruvayur.This connection with Guruvayurappan went beyond his musical career, shaping his personal and artistic journey, and left a lasting impact on his legacy.


Which among these contains traces of Amrita?



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