Do you know this about crows?

Origin of crows, what do they represent? their connection with Lord Yama ...



Vedadhara's servise to society is commendable 🌟🙏🙏 -P R Laxmi

Very happy to note the good work you are doing for veda pathasalas and goshalas 🥳 -Uma Mahadevan

The simplicity and corectness of Vedadhara's scriptural teachings is praiseworthy 🌸 -Mamata Krishnan

Vedadhara's contribution to the future of Sanatan Dharma is priceless 🙏 -Prof Vidyadhar

Vedhdhara, I am highly impressed by the social service your institution has been rendering. -Mthun Tadani

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What is the relationship between Chyavana Maharshi and Shaunaka Maharshi?

Chyavana Maharshi was Shaunaka Maharshi's predecessor in Bhrigu Vamsha. Chyavana's grandson was Ruru. Shaunaka was Ruru's grandson.

What is udaseenata (उदासीनता) in bhakti?

Narada-bhakti-sutra.9 talks about udaseenata which is indifference or lack of concern towards worldly objects including property, friends, and relatives. Udaseenata strengthens bhakti.


What does the term Vathapi in the famous composition Vathapi Ganapathim Bhaje indicate ?
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