Bhadrakali Mantra for defeating enemies



The depth and power in the voice make yout mantras so ieffective -Shivam Singh

Amazing efforts by you all in making our scriptures and knowledge accessible to all! -Sulochana Tr

Love this platform -Megha Mani

Superrrrrr..thanks.. -Sakshi Sthul

I feel amazed by your sacred sanskrit chants. -Rutuja R

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Who was Karna in his previous birth?

Karna was an incarnation of Surya Deva. Evil had increased beyond the limit on earth. Bhumi Devi went to Brahma and complained that she could not bear the load. In fact, the Asuras who were evicted from Swarga had incarnated on earth and were creating trouble. Brahma asked the Devas also to incarnate on earth and destroy them. This could happen only if a war took place. Brahma asked Surya to incarnate as Kunti's son, Karna. Karna's friendship and support would give Duryodhana to get into conflict with the Pandavas.

Which Shiva Linga is best for home?

The best Shiva linga for worship at home is Bana linga obtained from River Narmada. The height should be more than the length of the thumb of the worshiper. A metal base should be made with metal such as pancha dhatu, lingam should be placed on top of that, and worshiped.


In the story of Gajendramoksha, who cursed Gandharva Huhu to become a crocodile ?

भं भद्रकाल्यै नमः bham bhadrakaalyai namah'....

भं भद्रकाल्यै नमः

bham bhadrakaalyai namah'




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