Why suicide can never be justified



Guruji's teachings are an authority on Hindu scriptures, we apreciate your wisdom 🙏 -Puja Ravindran

Never knew such a great website existing -Remya Ramakrishna

Team Vedhadhara is contributing towards the Golden age of Bharath. Providing us with all the tools to be our highest version, vibratión & energy. I pray for love, peace and abundance to blessed upon Team Vedadhara and family. ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು 🙏 -Vishwas Dakshinmurthy

So impressed by Vedadhara’s mission to reveal the depths of Hindu scriptures! 🙌🏽🌺 -Syona Vardhan

Your commitment to Hinduism's future is amazing 🙏 -Preetal Ahuja

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What is the relationship between Lakshmi and Kubera?

Both Lakshmi Devi and Kubera are deities of wealth. While Lakshmi Devi provides wealth, Kubera protects wealth that is already there.

How do you get Brahman?

We perceive the world as many objects and beings different from each other. In Brahman, there is no duality. Brahman is achieved when all dualistic thoughts and perceptions disappear from the mind. This can be attained through the paths of bhakti, jnana, or karma.


Angarki Chaturthi is associated with which planet?
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