Why Abhimanyu Died In Mahabharata

Abhimanyu gets killed


Mahabharata centers around the Lord’s Krishnavatara. The number of evil rulers on earth had increased beyond limits. Bhumi Devi was unable to bear the load because earth was tilting to one side due to the increase of adharma. She went and complained to Brahma.

Brahma and the Devas approached Mahavishnu. The Lord decided to take Krishnavatara to eliminate the overload of evil rulers. The Devas were told to take incarnations on earth to create the plot for the battle of Kurukshetra. According to the plan, all the evil rulers were to brought together to one place and eliminated at one go. The Devas incarnated as the main characters of Mahabharata.

Abhimanyu was the incarnation of Varchas, the son of Chandra (Moon). When Varchas was about to leave for earth, his father told that he will be able to bear his separation only for sixteen years.

That’s why Abhimanyu died in Mahabharata to return to Devaloka.


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Abhimanyu's death


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