Which Danam Is the Best?

Listen to the above audio to learn - 1. What kind of danam pleases each Devata 2. The right attitude while performing any religious act.

Which Danam Is the Best?


In Shiv Purana, in the earlier episode, we saw what can be given in daana in each lunar month, which is most auspicious during that month.


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Another principle is to give whatever is available in that season; jackfruit, mango, banana, even pulses black gram, green gram, whatever is harvested in that season.

Nowadays these are available round the year.

But if you find out when a particular item is harvested and give it at that time, it is even more beneficial.

Another point, whatever is pleasing to the sensory organs that you can give; good to look at, something that is fragrant, good to touch like silk, tasty, good to hear - the name should be good to hear. 

  • If you give something with a good name then that will please the divinities of all the directions.
  • If you give something good to look at, it will please Surya.
  • If you give something that is fragrant like Chandana, it will please the Aswini kumaras.
  • If you give something that is tasty, it will please Varunadeva.
  • If you give something that is good to touch, soft to touch it will please Vayudeva. 

Another very very important point, don't do anything out of compulsion, thinking what will others think if I don't do this or to show off.

If you understand the principle behind each act, each religious and spiritual act, and then do it, then it helps.

The other kind when you are doing it mechanically, or out of compulsion, then it is the lowest kind of spiritual act.

Not that it wouldn't help.

If you understand and do, then it is 1000 times more beneficial.

But if you don’t have resources you need not do dana, you need not do anything that is expensive, you can get the same results through Vachika and Kayika forms of worship.

What are they? 

Vachika - mantra japa, stotra japa, nama japa.

Kayika - upavasa..

Upavasa, see you are actually saving money by not eating.

Go to temples. 

Take darshan at temples.

Doesn't cost you anything.

Do more, do less, doesn't matter.

It should be done dedicating it to God - I am doing this exclusively to please the devata, not to show it to others.

You should be in fact blind towards others around you.

When you are with God, nothing else, nobody else.

Even when you are giving danam to someone, think that you are not doing it yourself.

The divine will is being executed through you.

You are only an instrument.

This thinking should be there throughout whenever you are doing a spiritual act, any spiritual act.

Then it can take you up to the final destination, moksha.


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