What is the relation between Lord Shiva and snakes?



In Hinduism, the snake represents the Kundalini shakti.

Kundalini shakti is a female snake.

She normally sleeps coiled at the Muladhara chakra with her mouth covering the internal Shiva linga.

Shiva is a mahayogi.

His relation with snakes is obvious.

Shiva is the Lord of the Ashta Nagas, the eight great serpents.


Where all does the Lord wear snakes?

  • Around his waist. His loincloth is attached to this snake.
  • The tiger skin that he wears is held tight with another snake.
  • As a crown.
  • There is another snake on top of his jata.
  • There is a snake climbing up his jat like a creeper.
  • Around his neck as a necklace.
  • As armlets.
  • As bangles.
  • As bracelets.
  • As ear ornaments.
  • He is holding another snake in his hand.

This snake which the Lord is holding in his left hand was once thrown at him like a weapon.

He held and kept it with him.

It is a three-headed snake.


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