Upamaka Temple

upamaka temple

Upamaka Temple of Sri Vekateswara Swamy is in the Nakkapalli Mandal near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This is a holy place that Swamy blesses with his perpetual holy presence at the behest of Sage Narada.


The legend of Upamaka Temple

Kaliyuga was about to start. Sage Narada became worried thinking about the state of the common man during Kaliyuga. He will be short-lived with diminished intelligence. He will have no interest in spiritual activities. This will land him in several problems and endless misery. Who will save him?


Narada knew for sure that Lord Venkateswara could definitely give relief to his devotees from the troubles of Kaliyuga. He decided to go and get darshan of Venkateswara Swamy at Venkatadri. On the way, he took darshan at Sri Kalahasti temple. Lord Shiva also confirmed that it is Lord Venkateswara who can help solve the troubles in Kaliyuga.


He then reached Ananda Nilayam (Tirumala Temple) and prayed to Swamy: Not everyone is able to come here and get your darshan. Kindly manifest yourself at Garudadri near the Eastern coast to bless your devotees around that place. Swamy agreed and appeared at Upamake assuming the form of a hunter.


History of Upamaka Temple

The temple was constructed by Emperor Srikrishna of Kandregula Kingdom (East Godavari district). 

In the 18th century, the coronation of the ruler of Pithapuram was about to take place. On the previous night, Venkateswara Swamy appeared in his dream and asked him how he could wear a crown on his head when Swamy himself did not have one. The next day, before the coronation, the ruler presented Swamy with a beautiful crown. Ramanujacharya has visited this temple.



  • Kalyanotsavam
  • Brahmotsavam
  • Adhyayanotsavam
  • Tiru Kalyanam
  • Tiru Nakshatram of Alwars
  • Lord Rama’s Adhyaynotsavam
  • Venugopala Swamy Kalyanotsavam
  • Dhanu Samkramanam


Vahanams during festival processions

  • Punyakoti vahanam
  • Ponna vahanam
  • Brass Garuda vahanam
  • Lacquer Garuda vahanam
  • Hamsa vahanam
  • Rajadhiraja vahanam
  • Ashwa vahanam
  • Gaja vahanam


Specialty of the temple

Those who take prasadam after panchamrutha abhishekam are blessed with children.


Nearest Railway Station

Narsipatnam - 4 km


Nearest Airport

Visakhapatnam - 90 km


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Who asked Venkateswara Swamy to manifest at Upamaka?

It was Sage Narada who asked Venkateswara Swamy to manifest at Upamaka.

Why did Venkateswara Swamy manifest at Upamaka?

It was protect and bless devotees of the eastern coast.


Which is the mountain upon which Upamaka Venkateswara Swamy temple is situated?
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