The Expelled Aryans To The West Of Sindhu

Sindhu river


Bharata Varsha originally extended from the South China Sea in the East to the Mediterranean in the West.

This is clear from the Vedic scriptures.

This entire region was divided as east of Sindhu and west of Sindhu.

The area to the east of Sindhu remained as followers of the Vedic system.

This area became known as Aryavarta.

People to the west of Sindhu opted to move away from the Vedic system.

This area is Aryayana.

They replaced Indra with Varuna as their chief god.

Their religion became known as Asura Dharma.

Zarathustra, grandson of a Rishi called Rijrashwa was the founder of this religion.

They were rebels to such an extent that they even starting from right to left adopting the Kharoshti script.

Now, we will see about the main kingdoms to the west of Sindhu.


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Afghanistan पर क्या है महाभारत काल की गांधारी का वो श्राप, जो इसे कभी शांति से नहीं जीने देता


Gandhara and Madra

Afghanistan and surrounding areas were called Gandhara.

Iran and surrounding areas were called Madra.


Two divisions of Gandhara

Lord Rama's brother Bharata had two sons: Takshaka and Pushkara.

Takshaka made Takshashila his capital

Takshaka's brother Pushkara made Pushkaravati his capital.

In this manner, Gandhara was divided into two parts.


Two divisions of Madra

Madra was also divided into North Madra and South Madra.


The five kingdoms- Parada, Pahlava, Kamboja, Shaka, Yavana

Sagara was a predecessor of Bhagiratha (who brought Ganga to earth).

Sagara's father was Bahu.

Bahu's father was defeated by Haihayas, Talajanghas.

Paradas, Kambojas, Shakas, and Yavanas were their allies in this battle.

These five groups were originally Aryans.

Sagara obtained Agnesyastra and defeated all of them.

After that, Sagara expelled them from Vedic dharma and Kshatriya varna.

Shakas were told to keep their heads half-shaven.

Yavanas and Kambojas were told to keep their heads fully shaven.

Paradas were told to leave their hair untied.

Pahlavas were told to keep only the beard.


The Paradas - पारदाः

They converted to the Asura religion of Kalakeya.

They adopted the dress and language of Kalakeyas.

They became great archers.

Parada is the Asura language means archer.

They used to occupy the present-day Khorasan.


The Pahlavas - पह्लवाः

Pahlavas believed in muscle power.

The term pahalvan (wrestler) is connected to Pahlava.

They occupied South Madra.

They had their own script called Pahlavi.

The alphabets of the Avestan language (Zoroastrianism) were based on Pahlavi alphabets.


The Kambojas - कम्बोजाः

The territory of the Kambojas is in present-day Afghanistan.

They are called Kambojas because of their completely materialistic life.

Kama-bhoga - enjoyment is their purpose of life.


The Shakas - शकाः

The Shakas became known as Scythians later.

They had the belief that they are smart enough to do anything.

Those who took up academics among the Shakas were called the Magas.

The Magas had their own four Vedas: Vida, Visparada, Vidada, Angirasa.

They are just the four Vedas chanted in the reverse order.

Ga-Ma Ma-Ga when reversed is Ma-Ga (Ga-Ma of Saregama).


The Yavanas - यवनाः

The Yavanas are a mix of all the above four.

Their territory was around Palestine.

They are also called the Yehudis.

The name Yehudi has originated from युद्ध-धी, meaning those who always thought about waging war with the Aryans.

The above facts are mentioned in Brahmanda Purana and Bhavishya Purana.


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