What is the birthplace of Surdas?

Surdas Ji was born in Sihi village, Faridabad, Haryana. There is also an opinion that he was born in Ranukta village on the way to Agra from Mathura.


He lived at his birthplace till the age of 18. 

There, he performed a miracle.

He found the lost cows of a local landlord through his divine vision.

The landlord was impressed.

He built a house for Surdas Ji to stay.

He acquired several disciples there.

Then Surdas developed vairagya.

He left the village and went to Gaughat.


Surdas date of birth and death

Surdas Ji was born in the year 16, April 1478 CE. It was on Vaishakh Shukla Panchami. The date of death is uncertain. It is between 1561 and 1584 CE.


Who is the guru of saint Surdas?

Vallabhacharya, the founder of Pushtimarg (Vallabha Sampradaya) was the Guru of Surdas Ji.

Acharya was on his way from Adel to Vraj. He met Surdas Ji at Gaughat.


Vallabhacharya asked Surdas Ji to sing a praise about Krishna.

Surdas Ji sang - हरि, हौं सब पतितनि को नायक… (Hari, the guide of all fallen ones).

Acharya asked him - Beng Sur (valorous), why are you singing this miserable song?

Then Acharya took him to Gokul along with him.

There he taught him the Subodhini commentary of Srimad Bhagavata.

There, Surdas Ji served the lotus feet of Srinath Ji (Gowardhan).

Surdas Ji composed thousands of verses based on the teachings of Vallabhacharya.


Was Surdas blind from birth?

It is widely believed that Surdas Ji was blind from birth.

In spite of that, he could correctly describe the costume and ornaments of Bhagawan Navanit Priy Ji of Gokul.

One day, to test Surdas Ji, Bhagawan was adorned only with pearls.

Surdas Ji sang -

देखे री हरि नंगम नंगा। 

        जलसुत भूषन अंग बिराजत, बसन हीन छबि उठत तरंगा।।

        अंग अंग प्रति अमित माधुरी,  निरखि लजित रति कोटि अनंगा।

        किलकत दधिसुत मुख ले मन भरि, सूर हँसत ब्रज जुवतिन संगा।।


Where did Surdas die?

Surdas Ji died at Gowardhan. Just before his demise, he went and lay down near the flag post of Sri Nathji temple. At that time, Chaturbhuj Das Ji, son of Vallabhacharya asked him - you have written thousands of verses about Bhagawan. Why have you not written a single verse about your Guru?

Surdas Ji told him - For me, my Guru and Bhagawan are one and the same. All that I have written are addressed to my Guru as well.


In which language did the poet Surdas compose his poems?

Surdas Ji composed his poetry in Braj Bhasha (Vraj Bhasha). This was the common man’s language of Vraj Bhumi consisting of Central and Western Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Rajasthan, Southern Haryana, and Northern Madhya Pradesh. Braj Bhasha is similar to Awadhi.


What is the contribution of Surdas to the Bhakti movement?

  • Surdas Ji expressed in his poems the greatness of bhakti compared to other systems.
  • He taught that bhakti was the one and only method simple and easy through which God can be achieved.
  • He said that any worship done without bhakti is useless.
  • Those who live without bhakti end up in Naraka.
  • Society at large came to know about the greatness, simplicity, and method of bhakti through the works of Surdas Ji.


Works of Surdas

  • Sur Sagar
  • Sur Saravali
  • Sahitya Lahari
  • Bhramar Geet
  • Sur Ramayan
  • Dasham Skandh Bhasha
  • Sur Sagar


What were the teachings of Surdas?

  • God and Guru are one and the same.
  • The easiest and most efficient method to achieve God is bhakti.
  • Once you establish a connection with God, concepts such as caste do not have any relevance.
  • One should live a simple life serving God.
  • The greatest virtue is bhakti


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Where did Surdas Ji meet his Guru Vallabhacharya?

Surdas Ji met Vallabhacharya at Gaughat. Vallabhacharya took him to Gowardhan.

What was the subject of the poems of Surdas Ji?

Krishna bhakti. His poems were based on the Subodhini commentary of Srimad Bhagavatam byf his Guru Vallabhacharya.


Which sampradaya did Surdas Ji belong to?
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