Story of Brahma Cursing His Own Son Narada


Brahma, the God of Creation cursed his own son. Find out why Brahma cursed Narada and what happened as a result.


Narada is a mind-born son, Manasa-Putra of Brahma.

But do you know that Brahma himself had cursed Narada once?

This story is from Mudgala Purana.

According to the Mudgala Purana, Bhagawan Ganesha is Paramatma, Parabrahma.

Isn’t it that Ganapathy Atharva Sheersha also says? - त्वमेव सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्मासि।

Vedanta has this declaration - सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्म - aren’t all these just different forms of Brahman?

That one and only supreme Brahman.

That Brahman is Bhagawan Ganesha.

Brahman and Brahma are not the same.

Brahma is one small aspect of Brahman.

Brahma takes care of the creation of the world.


We saw in the earlier episode that it was only after propitiating Ganesha, the obstacles Brahma faced when he started creation went away.

Now, Brahma started creating.

What came out of his body first, was all negative.

It was called Avidya.

Vidya is awareness, knowledge.

Avidya is the opposite of that, lack of awareness of consequences.

Avidya is just animal-like reactions and reflexes.


This Avidya is of five forms : Tama, Moha, Mahamoha, Tamisra, and Andhatamisra,

Tama is negativity combined with selfishness.

Moha is action desiring something.

Mahamoha is committing a sin to get something.

Tamisra is diseases and suffering.

Andhatamisra is suffering due to one’s own bad karma.


Brahma was not at all happy seeing this.

There was not even a ray of hope.

He just dispelled whatever he created.


Brahma tried again.

This time, what came out of his body were four boys: Sanaka, Sanadana, Sanatana, and Sanatkumara.

Brilliant as fire, Brahma became happy.

He told them to help him with the creation of the world.

They said, ‘we are not interested.’

‘We are going to do tapas.’

And they went away.


Brahma became frustrated and angry.

That anger pierced his forehead and came out.

It took a form with five heads, ten hands, three eyes, one half of the body male and the other half female.

He had matted hair and a crescent on his forehead.

He was wearing the skin of a tiger and an elephant.

As soon as he came out, he started screaming, as loud as the thunder.

He was like a blazing fire.

Screaming is called रोदनं in Sanskrit.

Brahma named him Rudra.


Brahma asked Rudra, ‘what are you screaming for?’

He said, ‘Give me a place to stay.’

Brahma gave him everything that is solid, liquid, gas, all energies, space, the Moon, the Sun, and those observing vrata for performing yajnas.

Rudra is present in all these 8 places.

That’s why he is called Ashtamurthy.


Brahma told Rudra to create.

He started creating, but all were his own replicas.

His replicas started coming out in hundreds of thousands.

They started filling everywhere.

That’s what Sri Rudram says -

यो रुद्रो अग्नौ यो अप्सु य ओषधीषु यो रुद्रो विश्वा भुवनाविवेश तस्मै रुद्राय नमो अस्तु।

Rudras in fire, water, plants, trees, the whole world filled with so many Rudras.


Brahma said, ‘Stop, enough of this.’

‘This is not what I want.’

‘I want variety,’

Rudra said, ‘This is what I would do.’

‘If you don’t want this, find someone else.’

Then he became still, that is why Rudra is also known as स्थाणु because he became still.


Brahma is back to square one.

Creation is not an easy thing.

Then Vedas, Puranas, and Shastras came out of his body.

Using the knowledge available in them, Brahma performed a yajna.

Bhagawan Vishnu himself assumed the form of that yajna, यज्ञो वै विष्णुः।


Brahma tried again.

This time from his mind, 10 sons were born.

They are his mind-born sons, all Rishis: Marichi, Bhrigu, Atri, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu, Daksha, Angira, Vaishta, and Narada.

Brahma told them to create the world through tapas.

All except Narada agreed.


Narada said, ‘I won’t do that.’

‘I don’t want to create an illusion and make beings suffer in it.’

Brahma cursed Narada.

‘You don’t want to be part of the illusory world, right?’

‘Then that’s what you will become.’

‘Take birth as a Gandharva and entertain women.’

‘After that, take a lowly birth on earth, suffer, and cry.’

‘Even if you don’t want to be part of the creation of the illusory world, there is no escape for you from it.’


Narada started praying to Ganesha Bhagawan.

Ganesha appeared and said.

‘You can’t escape your father’s curse.’

‘But I will slightly modify it for you.’

‘During your birth as Gandharva, I will give you knowledge.’

‘Even though you will spend your whole time entertaining women, you won’t get trapped into its lure.’

‘Then during your lowly birth on earth, I will put you in the company of noble Saints.’

‘You will learn from them and then go to the forest and worship Shiva.’

‘Then you will worship Vishnu.’

‘Then Vishnu will tell you to worship me.’

‘Then you will be free from all your troubles.’


After blessing Narada in this way, Bhagawan Ganesha went back to his abode.


Ganesha is one of the most beloved Gods. He is known for his kindness and benevolence towards his devotees. He brings peace and prosperity into people's lives. He always blesses his sincere devotees with good fortune. His presence in your life will bring joy, harmony, and success.



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Brahma came from Parabrahma, the one and only supreme reality. At the time of creation, Brahma appeared on a lotus coming out of the navel of Mahavishnu.

What happens when Brahma sleeps?

The universe exists only as long as Brahma is awake. It dissolves back into Brahman when Brahma sleeps.


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