Shakradi Stuti - Part 4

Durga Devi

To know the meaning of Shakradi Stuti, 10th shloka onwards, listen to the above audio.

How many hands does Durga Maa have?

Durga Maa has got a thousand hands, but she is famous as the eighteen-handed Goddess. This is mentioned in the Vaikrithika rahasya of Durga Saptashati - अष्टादशभुजा पूज्या सा सहस्रभुजा सती.

What does Durga represent?

Durga Devi represents the combined power of all the Devas. When Devas were ousted from e Swarga by Mahishasura, their anger came out of their bodies, merged together, and became a mountain of fire. This later assumed a feminine form as Durga Devi. She manifested to eliminate the evil Mahishasura and protect the Devas.


How many sections called Charitras is Durga Saptashati divided into ?
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