Rules To Be Observed Inside Temples

Ancient Hindu Temple In Maharashtra


  • Do not wear footwear inside temple premises.
  • Do not enter temple premises in a vehicle.
  • Before entering the temple, do its parikrama (pradakshina) first.
  • Parikrama should not be done in a hurry.
  • Inside the temple, before doing parikrama, one should always prostrate before the shrine.
  • Never step on the shadow of gopura, vimana, walls, or flagpost of the temple; this may be unavoidable while doing parikrama.
  • One should wear lower and upper clothes (dhoti) while entering a temple.
  • Entering a temple wearing a single cloth or wearing only kaupina is not permissible.
  • Stitched clothes such as shirts and caps are not permissible inside temples.
  • Weapons are not to be carried inside temples.
  • One should not go to a temple empty-handed; some offerings should be taken along.
  • Never bring food from outside and eat inside temple premises.
  • Never chew betel leaves inside temple premises.
  • Always wear a tilaka on the forehead.
  • If food is received as prasada from the temple, do not throw the remains or plate recklessly in the temple premises.
  • Flatulence should be avoided inside the temple so are possibilities of defecation or urination (especially by children).
  • Enter the temple premises only with a steady and pure mind.
  • Never enter a temple in an intoxicated condition.
  • Never stretch your legs across the entrance to the temple or sleep there.
  • Always be humble and erect inside the temple.
  • Prayer should not be offered in grief or crying.
  • No kind of violence, shouting, insulting, etc. is permissible inside temples.
  • Do not gossip or talk needlessly inside temples.
  • Worldly discussions should be avoided inside temples.
  • Never tell lies inside temples.
  • Do not enter into arguments or debates inside temple premises, even about spiritual matters.
  • Do not engage in preoccupations such as reading, mobile browsing, etc. inside temples.
  • Do not make phone calls inside temple premises.
  • One should not boast inside temples.
  • Do not praise another human being while being inside a temple.
  • One should not greet or bow before another person inside temples.
  • Do not sit or stand with your back towards the deity.
  • While doing parikrama, the deity should always be on your right.
  • One should not try to peep in if the deity is screened off during worship.
  • One should not force to open the temple doors if it is closed as part of worship or after worship time.
  • One should visit the temple only during permitted timings.
  • The salutation should be offered to the deity with both palms joined together, never with a single hand.
  • Do not do atma-pradakshina inside temples.
  • Do not stretch your legs towards the deity.
  • Do not sit on chairs and high seats inside temples.
  • Do not sleep or lie down inside temples.


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