Exploring the Legend of Renukacharya

Exploring the Legend of Renukacharya

Discover the fascinating story of Renukacharya, his role in Veerashaivism, and the miracles associated with his incarnation.


Renukacharya is one among the Panchacharyas, the founders of Veerashaivism.

Renukacharya is known by several names - Revana, Revanasiddha, Revanaradhya, Renuka, and Renukaganadheeswra.

Renukacharya established 18 mutts for Veerashaivism.

The most important among them is Rambhapuri (Balehonnur), Chikmagalur District, Karnataka.

Among Shivacharyas, Renukacharya is reckoned as the foremost.

There are a large number of books written about him in Sanskrit, Telugu, and Kannada.

Renukavijaya of Sri Siddhanatha Shivacharya (10th century CE) narrates the life of Renukacharya.

Here is a brief account of the life and greatness of Renukacharya.


Incarnation of Renukacharya

Lord Shiva has got five heads - Tatpurusha, Aghora, Sadyojata, Vamadeva, and Ishana.

Renukacharya originated from the Sadyojata head of Lord Shiva.

He takes avatara at the beginning of every yuga and establishes Veerashaivism.

He takes more avataras as and when required.

At the beginning of the present Kaliyuga, he took avatara from Someswara Linga at Kolanupaka (Kolipaka), Telangana.


Who is a Jagadguru?

Someone who writes an independent commentary on the Prasthana-trayi (Brahmasutra, Dashopanishads, and Gita) and establishes his own sect is called Jagadguru in Sanatana Dharma.

The Sutrabhashya of Renukacharya called the Renukakarika is believed to be still available in a German library.

Siddhanta Shikhamani is another important text by Renukacharya.

It is written in the format of teachings of Shiva-siddhanta by Renukacharya to Agastya Muni.

Renukacharya and Agastya Muni were very close to each other.

In Shiva-deeksha of Veerashaivism, members of Agastya gotra play a certain role.


Renukacharya in Lanka

Ravana had taken a vow that he would install 9 crores (Navakoti) Shiva linga.

Till the time he died, he could install only 6 crores.

Upon Vibhishana's request, Renukacharya went to Lanka, and manifested himself as 3 crores of Shiva lingas.

He then installed all of them at the same time.


Renukacharya and Sringeri mutt

The Chandramouleeswra Linga worshiped at Sringeri Mutt was given to Adi Shankaracharya by Renukacharya.

Adi Shakaracharya was performing tapas at Srisailam.

An oracle was heard that his tapas would be fruitful only after he gets the Chandramouleeswara linga from Renukacharya.

Shankaracharya visited the ashrama of Renukacharya at Malayachala.

He got the linga and its worship still continues at Sringeri mutt.


Renukacharya in Kanchipuram

The head of the idol of Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram had become shaky once.

Despite many attempts, it could not be fixed.

Renukacharya visited Kanchipuram and just by touching the head of the idol with his hand, he fixed it.

Acharya's teachings to the then Chola king is famous as 'Chola-Renuka samvada'.


Miracle at Masnoor

There was a banyan tree near a temple in Masnoor.

A Yaksha couple used to live in that tree.

They used to harass everyone

Renukacharya had to spend a night under that tree.

When the couple started attacking him, burned them with the power of his tapas and turned them into two balls of steel.

Later, two swords were made out of these.

One was given to King Vikramaditya of Ujjayini.

The king of Kolhapur used to be very cruel and arrogant.

He expelled all Sadhus and Sanyasis from his city.

One day, Renukacharya came to the door of his palace and asked for alms.

The king was infuriated and ordered to cut off his hands.

Instead, it was suddenly seen that a sword had pierced the stomach of the king and killed him.

This was the second sword that Acharya had made at Masnoor.


Successor of Renukacharya

It was time to appoint a successor for Rambhapuri Mutt.

While he was visiting the Ekambareswarar temple at Kanchipuram, Renukacharya manifested Sri Rudramuni Shivacharya just by touching the ground.

After he took over, Renukacharya dissolved himself back into the Someswar linga.



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