Ram Charit Manas In English

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When the attendants of Shiva saw the sage moving along the road free from delusion and greatly delighted at heart, they approached him in great alarm and, clasping his feet, spoke to him in great humility - We are servants of Shiva and no Brahmans, O great sage! we committed a great sin and have reaped its fruit. Now rid us of the curse, O benevolent sage. Narada, who was full of compassion to the humble, replied, Both of you go and take the form of demons. You shall possess an enormous fortune, grandeur, and strength. When you have subdued the universe by the might of your arm, God Vishnu shall take a human form. Dying at His hands in battle, you shall be liberated and shall never be reborn. Bowing their head at the sage's feet, both departed and were reborn as demons in due course.

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