Mantra for early marriage



Team Vedhadhara is contributing towards the Golden age of Bharath. Providing us with all the tools to be our highest version, vibratión & energy. I pray for love, peace and abundance to blessed upon Team Vedadhara and family. ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು 🙏 -Vishwas Dakshinmurthy

This mantra really works. wonderful. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 -Kanaka Rao

Your mantras bring me so much joy and calm. 🌿 -Mohana Subbaraman

Vedadhara's servise to society is unique 🙏 -Saranya

This mantra is definitely effective🌹🙏 -Renuka

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Agni-dagdhas and Anagni-dagdhas

Those pitrus whose death rites have been performed with fire as per shastra are called Agni-dagdhas. In some cases due to neglect or the relatives unable to get the body, proper cremation is not done. Such pitrus are called Anagni-dagdhas.

What is the role of yoga in Sanatana Dharma?

Yoga is an important part of Sanatana Dharma, and it is believed to be a way to achieve spiritual and physical balance. Yoga includes various practices such as meditation, breathing techniques, and physical postures.


Whom did Jayanti, Indra's daughter get married to ?



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