Perseverance supersedes physical handicaps



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Agnishvatta (अग्निष्वात्ताः)

There are seven kinds of Pitrus - Agnishvatta, Vairaja, Garhapatya, Somapa, Ekashringa, Chaturveda, and Kala. Someone who performs all the rituals mentioned in the Smritis such as aupasana, sthaleepka but does not perform the Shrauta Yajnas would attain the Loka of Agnishvatta Pitrus.

Were the Kauravas Asuras?

The Pandavas were incarnations of Devas. After Gandharvas defeated Duryodhana and he decided to fast until death, the Asuras took him to Pathala. They told Duryodhana that his upper body was Shiva and his lower body was Parvathy. They got Duryodhana by doing tapas. Many Asuras had already possessed important Kauravas including Bhishma, Drona, and Kripa. The Asuras were controlling them. Narakasura's soul had possessed Karna. Using the bodies of the Kauravas, in fact, the Asuras were fighting Lord Krishna and the Devas who had taken birth as Pandavas. (Vana Parva,252)


With whom is Guru Purnima connected ?
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