How To Perform Shiva Panchakshari Mantra Sadhana Correctly

Learn about the secrets of Shiva Panchakshari Mantra sadhana and the authentic system prescribed in the Shiva Purana for attaining Mantra-Siddhi.


How to do sadhana of Panchakshari mantra?

We will see the system prescribed in Shiva Purana itself.

Shiva Purana calls this sadhana system Japayoga.


How to chant Panchakshari mantra?

There are three prerequisites -

  1. You should receive initiation, deeksha from a qualified and able Guru.
  2. You should perform the ten samskaras of the mantra after you receive the deeksha.
  3. You should learn the nyasa of Panchakshari mantra.


To be clear, this article is not a Do-it-yourself for Panchakshara sadhana.

This is just a broad outline.


The next step is to obtain siddhi in the mantra.

After obtaining siddhi you can use the mantra to attain any wish.

This procedure is called Purascharana.

The Purascharana prescribed for Panchakshari mantra is different from the regular Purascharana prescribed in Mantra Sastra.

We have earlier seen that the Panchakshara Mantra for the common man who has not received a proper deeksha or is unaware of mantra samskara and nyasa, for him the Panchakshara mantra is शिवाय नमः, not नमः शिवाय.

नमः शिवाय is for serious sadhakas.

When you are ready to Japa yoga or Purascharana with Panchakshara mantra, then you become eligible to add Omkara to नमः शिवाय  making it ॐ नमः शिवाय.

Only at this level you can chant ॐ नमः शिवाय.

Otherwise it is शिवाय नमः.


Procedure for purascharana

The Purascharana should start on the pratipada of Shukla paksha.

The lunar months of Magha and Bhadrapada are particularly auspicious for Purascharana of Panchakshara mantra.

The period starts from Shukla paksha prathama and ends on the next Krishna paksha chaturdashi, a total of 29 days.

During this period you have to chant Panchakshari mantra 5 lacs times.

During this time, you should take only one meal a day.

You should observe silence, avoid unnecessary interaction and talking.

Should not engage in any activity that gives pleasure to the body or entertainment.

When you do the chanting, you have to keep your mind focused on a certain form of Lord Shiva.

Bhagavan is seated on a Lotus.

Ganga and the crescent adorn his head.

On his left upper hand is a leaping deer which he is holding with its hind legs.

The right upper hand is holding an axe.

The lower left hand is held in Varada mudra.

The lower right hand is held in Abhaya mudra.

Devi Parvathy is sitting on his left thigh.

His ganas are all around him.

You should mentally worship the Lord in this form before starting chanting.

This is called Manasa Puja.

There is a procedure for Manasa Puja that you should learn.

You can meditate upon this form either in the middle of your chest or Surya mandala.


On the Krishna paksha chaturdashi, meaning on the 29th day, by this time you would have completed 5 lacs chanting, on that day you should chant additional chanting, 12,000 times.

The completion of the Purascharana should be done in the presence of the Guru and his wife.

They have to be worshiped as Samba Shiva and Devi Parvathy.

In addition to this five noble Shiva devotee brahmins should be invited and they should be worshiped as Ishana, Tatpurusha, Aghora, Sadyojata and Vamadeva.

In their presence, Shiva puja should be performed.

Homa with the Panchakshari mantra should be performed with ghee of brown cow.

The ahutis can be 11, 101, or 1,001.

Ideally 1,001.

Puja and Homa should be performed following proper procedures.

After this, the sadhaka should wash the feet of the Guru and the five brahmin and take bath with that water.

This charanodaka is as powerful as the holy water of all the 36 crores of tirthas put together.

The Guru, his wife, and the brahmins should be offered Rudraksha and dress.

Delicious food should be offered to them. 

Payasam made from milk should definitely be part of this.

Bali dana should be performed.

After this anna dana should be performed for as many people as possible.

All procedures should be performed and concluded in the proper way.

This is the Purascharana of the Panchakshari mantra.


Only if you do this, the Panchakshari mantra will work for you.

After this, you can use the Panchakshari mantra for anything you want, including the attainment of moksha.





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What is the meaning of Panchakshari Shiva mantra?

Panchakshari Shiva mantra, Om Namah Shivaya means - Salutation to Shiva.

What is the purpose of Panchakshari mantra?

Daily chanting of Shiva Panchakshari mantra gives spiritual elevation, protection, purification of mind, prosperity, abundance, peace, joy, harmony, and liberation.


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