Palace Of Ravana In Lanka



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What is Ganesha the God of?

Even though Ganesha is the Lord of everything, he is primarily worshiped for the removal of obstacles. He is also often worshiped for success, intelligence, and gaining popularity. There are specific Ganesha mantras for begetting progeny, defeating rivals, and gaining wealth.

Who is Maya Sita?

According to Devi Bhagavata, during vanavasa Agni Bhagavan came to Lord Rama and told him that time has come for him to eliminate Ravana. As a provocation for this, Ravana will abduct Sita Devi. To make sure that she doesn't become impure because of Ravana touching her, Agni would create a replica of Sita Devi and keep the original Devi with him. This replica is Maya Sita. Ravana will be able to abduct only Maya Sita. After destroying Ravana when they return to Ayodhya, Sita will be compelled to enter into the fire to prove her purity. At that time, Agni Bhagavan will take back Maya Sita and the original Devi will come out. Lord Rama agreed.


13th century Queen Heo Hwang-ok of Korea is connected to which place in India ?
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