Munis Are Curious To Know About Krishna

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Your commitment to Hinduism's future is amazing 🙏 -Preetal Ahuja

Guruji's teachings are an authority on Hindu scriptures, we apreciate your wisdom 🙏 -Puja Ravindran

Very happy to see Vedadhara in its mission for Hinduism's future -Keshab Deb

Guruji's guidance on Hindu scriptures is both profound and authorative 🙏 -Apurba Das

It's indeed a great contribution by Vedhadhara team to this world for Lokha Sangraha. Kudos to the entire team for performing daily yognas, pujas and lot of enlightening messages from srutis and smritis. Thank you very much. -Dr. C. S. Karthikeyan

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Where is Agastya Mountain?

Agastya mountain also known as Agastyarkoodam or Agastya-malai is in the Western-ghats 60 km away from Trivandrum, Kerala.

Ashtadharma margas

Ashtamargas are eight ways for obtaining moksha. They are - performing yajnas, learning Vedas, giving danam, performing tapas such as fasting, adhering to honesty, observing tolerance in all situations, being kind to everyone, and giving up all desires.


Who is Jatayu's father?
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