Mahabharata - A Condensed Version

Mahabharata - A Condensed Version

Dhritarashtra reflected and then told Duryodhana: 

धर्मनित्यस्तथा पाण्डुस्सुप्रीतो मयि कौरवः ।

तस्य पुत्रो यथा पाण्डुस्तथा धर्मपरस्सदा ॥

That ever-righteous Pandu was so loving towards me and his son, Yudhisthira is, like Pandu, always righteous.

गुणवान् लोकविख्यातो नगरे च प्रतिष्ठितः ।

स कथं शक्यतेऽस्माभिरपाक्रष्टुं नरर्षभः ॥

Gifted, famed in the world and established in the capital, how can that excellent man, Yudhisthira, be removed from his place by us?

दुर्योधनः -

पाण्डवेभ्यो भयं नस्स्यात् तान्विवासयतां भवान् ।

निपुणेनाभ्युपायेन नगरं वारणावतम् ।। 

Duryodhana :

There will be danger for us from the Pandavas. Banish them to the city of Varanavata by some clever device.

यदा प्रतिष्ठितं राज्यं मयि राजन् भविष्यति ।

तदा कुन्ती सहापत्या पुनरेष्यति भारत ।।

O Bharata king! when the kingdom becomes established as mine, Kunti shall then return with her sons.

ततो दुर्योधनो राजा सर्वास्तु प्रकृतीश्शनैः । 

अर्थमानप्रदानाभ्यां सञ्जहार सहानुजः ।।

Then, king Duryodhana, along with his brothers, slowly won over all the subjects by bestowing on them wealth and honour.

धृतराष्ट्रप्रयुक्तास्तु केचित्कुशलमन्त्रिणः। 

कथयाञ्चक्रिरे रम्यं नगरं वारणावतम् ॥ 

Certain expert ministers, set up by Dhritarashtra, described the city of Varanavata as beautiful.

कथ्यमाने तथा रम्ये नगरे वारणावते। 

गमने पाण्डुपुत्राणां जज्ञे तत्र मतिः -नृप ॥

When the city of Varanavata was described as beautiful in that manner, the idea of going there occurred to the sons of Pandu.

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