Lakshmi Kuberar Temple, Rathinamangalam, Vandalur, Chennai


This is a rare temple in which Lakshmi and Kubera are worshiped together.

Temple faces the North, the direction of Kubera.


Sri Lakshmi Kuberar Temple, Vandalur, Chennai | Aalayangal Arputhangal |


Why are Lakshmi and Kubera worshiped together?

Lakshmi provides wealth.

Kubera protects the wealth which you already have.


Main sannidhi 

  • Lakshmi
  • Kubera
  • Chitralekha, Kubera’s wife


Other sannidhis

  • Raja Ganapathy
  • Shodasha Ganapathy (16 idols)
  • Lakshmi Ganapathy
  • Kubera Lingam
  • Navagraha
  • Anjaneyar
  • Brahma - Saraswathy
  • Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar
  • Venkateswara - Padmavathy
  • Ayyappa
  • Aru padai Murugan
  • Laughing Buddha


Interesting facts

Devotees tickle the Laughing Buddha by massaging his potbelly. This is expected to bring luck.

When puja is performed sound of coins is made by jumbling them together. 

Kubera is fond of this sound.

Go puja performed here is equivalent to Kubera puja.


What do the devotees of Lakshmi Kubera wear for luck?

A locket with the sign of a fish.

Fish is the vehicle of Kubera.


Contact numbers :

98400 25564

97908 10767


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Is Hanuman still alive?

Yes. Hanumanji is still alive. Most of the time, he is immersed in tapas on top of Gandhamadana Parvata. Lord Rama's avatara was in the 24th Tretayuga. Nearly 1.75 crores years later in the Dwapara Yuga of the present (28th) chaturyga, Bhima met him when he was on the way to get Saugandhika flowers. Hanumanji is one among the eight chiranjeevis. He will be there till the end of the kalpa which 2,35,91,46,877 years away.


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