How is Jarasandha related to Kamsa and Who defeated Jarasandha

Bhima kills Jarasandha




How is Jarasandha related to Kamsa?

Jarasandha is the father-in-law of Kamsa. Two daughters of Jarasandha, Asti, and Prapti were married to Kamsa. That is the reason Jarasandha attacked Mathura multiple times after Krishna killed Kamsa.

Who defeated Jarasandha?

Bhima defeated Jarasandha under the guidance of Krishna. Bhima, Arjuna, and Krishna visited Jarasandha's capital in disguise. They challenged Jarasandha to wrestle and Jarasandha agreed to fight with Bhima. Even after 14 days, Jarasandha could not be defeated. Then Krishna signaled to Bhima that he should tear Jarasandha's body vertically into two and throw them in opposite directions. That was the only way to kill Jarasandha.


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