History Of Tirupati Temple

tirmala tirupati temple

Tirumalai has always been known by its ancient name Vengadam -Tiruvengadam- and the Hill on which the Temple stands was known as the Vengadam Hills. Tirupati owes its importance to having been, from the date of its founding, a necessary adjunct to Tirumalai. Sri Ramanuja is said to have done this about the beginning of the twelfth century AD. But the precise date cannot now be ascertained directly with any degree of accuracy. There was obviously a very petty village with a small shrine of Sri Parthasarathy Swami even before Sri Ranianuja's advent. There is, however, neither inscriptional evidence nor tradition about this. Tiruchanur, known in ancient days as Tiruchchokinur and Tiruchchukanur, is more ancient than Tirupati, although it cannot claim the same antiquity as Vengadam. Chandragiri is another place about 7 miles west of Tirupati and about 5 miles south of the Hill, and the road from Chandragiri affords a second access to the Tirumalai Temple.

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Who is Lord Perumal?

Perumal is Mahavishnu in Tamil. It means- The great person or Purushottama in Sanskrit. This term is used by Tamil Vaishnavites.

Whose incarnation was Draupadi?

In Mahabharata, Draupadi has been depicted as an incarnation of Shachi Devi.


Which purana talks about the greatness of Ayodhya in detail ?
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