Who wrote Ramayana first?

Sage Valmiki.

How long Rama ruled Ayodhya?

Eleven thousand years.

Was Valmiki alive during Ramayana?


Valmiki asked Sage Narada,

कोन्वस्मिन्साम्प्रतंलोकेगुणवान्कश्चवीर्यवान् ......
Who at present in the world is vituous and valorous....

Mentioning sixteen such qualities, Valmiki asks the question "who at present has all of them".

Narada's answer was "Rama".

The term "sampratam" meaning "at present" and the answer he got "Rama" make it amply clear that Valmiki and Rama lived during the same time.

Is there any connection between Ramayan and Gayatri mantra?


Every thousandth verse of Ramayana has one letter from Gayatri mantra in the same order as it appears in the mantra.

Ramayana has 24000 verses and Gayatri mantra has 24 letters.

Whom Valmiki narrated Ramayana to first?

To Rama's sons Lava and Kusha. They were his disciples and staying with him in the ashrama.

Who performed Putrakameshti for King Dasharatha?

The main ritwik called Brahma in the yagna was Rishyashringa. The entire arrangements were supervised by Vasishta.

Which yaga Dasharatha performed to beget children?

Ashwamedha yaga followed by Putrakameshti.

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