When to offer ahuti during havan ! By Ramaswamy Sastry

मन्त्रेणोङ्गारपूतेन स्वाहान्तेन विचक्षणः

स्वाहावसाने जुहुयात् ध्यायन् मन्त्रदेवताम्

With the mantra sanctified by ॐ  and ending with स्वाहा , the ahuti should be offered at the end of स्वाहा  meditating on the deity of the mantra.

There is a more precise direction.

सकारे सूतकं विद्याद्धकारे मृत्युमादिशेत्

आहुतिस्तत्र दातव्यः यत्र आकार दृश्यते

स्वाहा is made up of    स् + व्  + आ  + ह्  + आ

स् is impure on account of Sutaka

ह्  is attached to death.

Hence the ahuti should be offered when the आ succeeding ह् is seen i.e:- at the very end of स्वाहा

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