What is yajna ? By Ramaswamy Sastry

येन सदनुष्ठानेन इन्द्रप्रभृतयो देवाः सुप्रसन्ना: सुवृष्टिं कुर्युस्तद्  यज्ञपदाभिधेयम्  |

By performing which devas such as Indra are pleased and cause good rains is called Yajna.

येन सदनुष्ठानेन स्वर्गादिप्राप्तिः सुलभा स्यात् तद् यज्ञपदाभिधेयम् |

By performing which attainment of heaven etc. are easily accomplished is called Yajna.

येन सदनुष्ठानेन संपूर्णं विश्वं कल्याणं भजेत् तद् यज्ञपदाभिधेयम् |

Performance of which is auspicious to the entire universe is called Yajna.

येन सदनुष्ठानेन आध्यात्मिक - आधिभौतिक - आधिदैविक तापत्रयोन्मूलनं सुकरं स्यात्  तद् यज्ञपदाभिधेयम् |

By the performance of which, the troubles of threefold nature, Aadhyaatmika, Aadhibhautika and Aadhidaivika are easily removed, is called Yajna.

मन्त्रैर्देवतामुद्दिश्य द्रव्यस्य दानं यागः

Offering to devatas accompanied by mantras is called Yaga.

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