Signs of Mantrasiddhi

  • Feeling that the devata's body has permeated own body 

  • Feeling brilliant at heart and pleasant in mind

  • Reduced appetite, reduced excretion, less sleep

  • Less interest in worldly affairs

  • Seeing brilliance all around and feeling that own body is emanating bright light

  • Sometimes without any feeling and sometimes easily excited and happy

  • Hearing celestial music and seeing celestial beings in the sky

  • Flashes of divine fragrances and more sensitive to smell

  • Seeing flashes as if it is night during day and as if it is day during night

  • Seeing flashes of thunder and lightning when there is no cloud

  • Feeling healthy, happy and dignified

  • Feeling that hereafter only less japa is required (not out of lethargy).

  • Mantrasiddhi is essential for doing mantra prayogas for self and others. 

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