How to chant Mantra with mala (rosary)

Ramaswamy Sastry

1. Hold the mala with the middle finger, ring finger and thumb of the right hand.

2. The mala should rest on the middle finger and ring finger held together.

3. Thumb should be used to move the mala bead by bead.

4. The movement should be towards yourself, not away from yourself. Thumb should draw the mala towards yourself, not push it away.

5. The bead at the middle is called Meru.

6. Start from the Meru. Keep going till the Meru is reached. If you are going to repeat, then at the Meru flip the mala and go backwards. That means, the last bead of the previous cycle will be the first bead of the new cycle.

7. Never cross the Meru.

8. Never touch the mala with the index finger or little finger while chanting. Spread them out.

9. Never allow the mala to touch the floor.

10. Do not hold the mala below nabhi ( navel ).

11. While chanting, the mala should not be visible, not even to yourself. Cover it with a cloth or keep the hand inside a gomukhi while chanting. Gomukhi has got two holes through which the index finger and little finger can be put outside.


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