Aditenumanyasva...... - parishechana mantras

Anyone who has ever performed a Vedic havan must have done the Parishechanam with water around the Kunda with the following mantras. What do they mean?

Aditenumanyasva : Aditi ! mother of Gods, give me permission to do this.

Anumatenumanyasva : Anumati ! give me permission to do this.

Anumati Oonachandraa Poornamaasee : Anumati is that Purnima where the moon is not full or Purnima Tithi with touch of Chaturdashi or Pratipada. This Tithi is accorded divine status.

Sarasvatenumanyasva : Sarasvati ! goddess of speech, give me permission to do this.

Deva savita prasuva : Savita ! give me permission to do this.

and after the Havan ,

Aditenvamamsthaha : Aditi ! you permitted

Anumatenvamamsthaha : Anumati ! you permitted

Sarasvatenvamamsthaha : Sarasvati ! you permitted

Deva Savita praasaaveehi : Savita ! you permitted

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