Vastu effects of various types of land

Land/plot for construction of house is classified into 24 types.

1. Goveethi - East low, west high - prosperity for 500 years
2. Jalaveethi - East high, west low - loss of children, poverty
3. Agniveethi - South-east low, north-west high - fear from fire, poverty
4. Sarpaveethi - South - east high, North-west low - Can stay only for 100 years, loss of wealth, travel
5.Anthakaveethi - South low, North high - good for the first three years, unnatural death and loss of wealth afterwards
6.Gajaveethi - South high, North low - Good for 100 years, prosperity, charity
7. Bhutaveethi - soth-west low, North-east high - Good for the first 6 years, problems and poverty after that.
8.Dhanyaveethi - South-west high, North-east low - Good for education and prosperity for 1000 years.
9.Paithamahaveethi - High between East and South-east, Low between West and North-west - Prosperous
10.Supathaveethi - High between South and South-east, Low between North and North-west - Prosperous
11.Deerghayurveethi - High between South and South-west, Low between North and North-east - Prosperous, Vamsavridhi
12.Punyakaveethi - High between West and South-west, Low between East and North-east - Good for brahmins and spiritual activities.
13.Apathaveethi - High between West and North-west and low between East and South-east - enemity and disputes.
14. Rogadrik veethi - High between North and North-west and low between South and South-east - Diseases and ill health
15. Argalaveethi - High between North and North-east, Low between South and South-west - Committing great sins, destruction
16. Shmashanaveethi - High between East and North-east, Low between South and South-west - equivalent to graveyard, total destruction.
17. Shyenakaveethi - South-east low, other three corners high - destruction, death
18. Shvamukhaveethi - South-west low, other three corners high - poverty.
19.Bramhagnaveethi - East and North-west low, South-east, North-east and South-west high - inauspicious
20.Sthavaraveethi - South-east high, other three corners low - prosperous.
21.Sthandilyaveethi - South-west high, other three corners low - prosperous.
22.Shandoolaveethi - North-east high, other three corners low - inauspicious
23.Nimnamadyaveethi - Centre low - can not stay for long
24.Unnathanadhyaveethi - not good.

The effects may not be felt immediately. In a center-high or east-high plot the first 10 years will be good. In a north-west high plot the first 12 years, north-high plot first 8 years, North-east high plot first 6 years, South -east high plot first 100 years will be good. Problems start only after that.

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