How to en-kindle Agni during homa / yajna by Ramaswamy Sastry

न पाणिना न शूर्पेण न च मेध्याजिनादिभिः ।

मुखेनोपधमेदग्निं मुखादेव व्यजायत ॥ ( देवीभागवतम् )

न कुर्यादग्निधमनं कदाचित् व्यजनादिना ।

मुखेनैव धमेदग्निं धमन्या वेणुजातया ॥ ( आपस्तम्बः )

Agni during homa / havan / yajna should be en-kindled by blowing using a bamboo reed with mouth only. Use of hand, fan, winnow or other objects to blow air is prohibited.

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