The twelve forms of Surya by Ramaswamy Sastry

  • Indra - stays in devaloka and destroys daityas and danavas
  • Dhata - stays in Brahma and causes creation
  • Parjanya - stays in sun rays and causes rain
  • Pusha - stays in mantra for the welfare of beings
  • Tvashta - stays in plants and herbs
  • Aryama - stays in dwelling places and protects
  • Bhaga - stays on earth and mountains
  • Vivasvan - stays in Agni and digests food
  • Amshu - stays in the moon and supports the worlds
  • Vishnu - takes avatar to destroy evil
  • Varuna - stays in ocean and gives life
  • Mitra - stays on the banks of Chandrabhaga river

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