God's share by Ramaswamy Sastry

Bhagavadgita chapter 3 says :

In the days of the yore, having created the beings together with yajna, Brahma said, " By this (yajna) you multiply, let this be your yielder of coveted objects of desire."

"You nourish the Gods with this (yajna), let those Gods nourish you (with their blessings). Nourishing one another you shall attain the supreme good."

"Being nourished by yajnas, the Gods will give you the coveted enjoyments, He is certainly a thief who enjoys what have been given by the Gods without offering to them."

This is the concept of Devabhagam ( share of the Gods). For anything that we receive, even the day to day requirements such as food and water, a share belongs to the Gods, which should be given back  to them on an ongoing basis. This is what is meant by mutual nourishment. It is a law of nature. When man fails to do this he accumulates bad karma in the form of Devarina ( or debt to the Gods ) which will eventually lead into problems.

It is similar to tax paid to the government. The Government can protect you only when the citizens promptly pay up taxes so that the machinery such as police and army can be run. With the tax received , the Government develops infrastructure which paves way for progress.

When you evade tax, the taxman is going to come knocking on your door some day and he is going to be really tough then.

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