Three types of danam and importance of faith by Ramaswamy Sastry

Bhagavadgita 17.20 onwards :

  • Satvika - Danam given to the proper person at proper place and time without expecting any favor back from him.
  • Proper place - holy place
  • Proper time - auspicious time
  • Proper person - one who is versed in Vedas
  • Rajasika - Danam given expecting something in return even for fame and given with reluctance.
  • Tamasika - Danam given to undeserving at improper place and improper time in an improper manner.

Bhagavdgita 17.28 : Whatever if offered , in yajna or in Danam , without faith or whatever austerity is undertaken without faith, will not yield any result - neither here nor after death.

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