Female infertility in Dharma sastra by Ramaswamy Sastry

Female infertility in Hindu Dharma Shastra is primarily called the Chaturvidha vandhyata ( four types of infertility ).

They are :

  • Janma vandhya
  • Kaaka vandhya (one child infertility )
  • Mrita Vandhya ( intra uterine death)
  • Kadali vandhya ( at birth).

The shastra also recognizes various other conditions such as Garbha sravee ( repeated abortions ), Garbha kosha bhanga ( defects in uterus ) ,Rajo heena ( insufficient menorrhage ), akala prasava ( premature delivery) .

The shastra says, one who has committed the following sins in the past life ends up infertile in the present birth :

  1. Showing partiality among children
  2. Spreading rumour questioning the chastity of a girl
  3. Harassing children
  4. Causing abortion
  5. Destroying eggs of birds and reptiles
  6. Engaging in physical relationship during forbidden times
  7. Showing jealousy on co-wife
  8. Performing evil acts such as vasheekarana
  9. Not returning wealth kept for safe keeping
  10. Disrespect of in laws
  11. Serving improper food to brahmins
  12. Consuming forbidden food
  13. Entering temple and taking bath in holy waters during menstruation
  14. Killing of snake, scorpion, parrot, cat
  15. Ridiculing devatas
  16. Disrespect to guru
  17. Not leaving milk for the calf

The causes are ascertained from the horoscope and also from prasna marga ( for reasons pertaining to the present birth such as pitru shapa).

Some remedies prescribed for purification are :

  1. Performing Maharudram together with daanam of 11 sovereigns ( 8 grams each) of gold. Abhisheka of the couple with varuna mantras
  2. Nakrashanthi especially when Kuja as 6th lord is in the 5th with malefic aspects or conjunctions
  3. Putakameshti ( performed by King Dasharatha)
  4. Tilahoma when pretadurita is involved
  5. Sukrutahoma when pitrukopa is involved
  6. Narayana bali when pretadurita is involved
  7. Nagabali, Nagapratishta,Sarpashanti, Sarpabali and Ashleshabali if sarpakopa is involved
  8. Shimshumarashanti
  9. Vandhyatvahara shanthi
  10. Santhanagopala homa
  11. Japa and homa with brahmanagni suktam of Rigveda
  12. Japa and homa with Garbha drimhana suktam of Atharva veda ( in case of fear of premature birth)
  13. Japa and homa with Garbha raksha suktas of Atharva veda
  14. Listening to Harvamsham by observing fasting
  15. Deepa daanam and Godaanam at Dhanushkoti together with Sethu snanam
  16. Reading and listening of Ramayana
  17. Sponsoring marriage of brahmin
  18. Chanting of Santanaparmesvara mantra and Putra Shatakam

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