Where to offer ahuti in Agni by Ramaswamy Sastry

Different areas in the homakunda are considered to be different organs of Agni.

  • The bare part of the kunda (bhoomi) , where firewood (fuel) is not there - nose of Agni. If ahuti is offered here it will result in mental worries.
  • Firewood ( part which is not burning ) - ears of Agni. Ahuti given here will result in deafness.
  • Where flames are weak - eyes of Agni. Ahuti offered here will lead to blindness.
  • Ashes - head of Agni. Ahuti given here will result in death.
  • Where flame is strong - mouth of Agni. The ahuti should be offered only here and the result will be auspicious.

Next time you do a havan insist that it is done properly.

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