Ramaswamy Sastry

yattvagasthigatham papam dehe tishtati mamake

prashannat panchagavyasya dahatvagnirivendhanam

  • Just as fire burns the fuel, let the drinking of panchagavya burn away all my sins even those which have gone into the skin and bone.

Panchagavya is a mix of milk,ghee,curd,cow's urine and cow dung. There is also a sixth ingredient - water poured through kusha grass (darbha). It is consumed as a purification rite and also at the beginning of major rituals.

The proportion is :

  • Gomutra - 60 ml
  • Milk - 420 ml
  • Curd - 180 ml
  • Ghee - 60 ml
  • Kushodaka - 60 ml
  • Cow dung - size of the top segment of the thumb.

There are mantras to be chanted while mixing each ingredient ( one by one) , as given below :

  • Gomutra - gayatri
  • Cowdung - gandhadvaram...
  • Milk - apyaayasva....
  • Curd - dadhikravna....
  • Ghee - tejosi shukrosi....
  • Kushodaka - devasya tva....

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