Indians knew electricity in 7th century BC

Ramaswamy Sastry

Source : Agasthya Samhita ( 6th or 7th century BC)

samsthapya mrunmaye paatre taamrapatram susamskritam

chhadayet shikhigreevenaardraabhih kaashtapaamsubhih

In an earthen pot , keep a Copper plate ( taamrapatram ) and cover it with Copper Sulfate ( shikhigreeva ) and wet wooden dust.

dastaloshto nidhaatavya paaradaacchadistastata

samyogat jaayate tejo mitravaruna samjnitam

On top of that place a Zinc ( dastaa )  plate coated with Mercury ( paarad ). From this combination is produced an energy called Mitravaruna ( Electricity ).

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