Why should everything be Scientific ? by Ramaswamy Sastry

The important elements of scientific thought and process are :

1. Well defined system
2. Experimentation
3. Observable evidence
4. Measurable data
5. Predictable outcome

Some of the things that are "unscientific" or beyond science's capability to predict :

1. Concept of God
2. Movies
3. Music
4. Poetry & literature
5. Adventure
6. Sports & games
7. Anger
8. Love
9. Agony
10. Frustration
11. Beauty
12. Enthusiasm
13. Fear
14. Lust
15. Greed
16. Happiness
17. Respect
18. Weather 100 years from now
19. World population 500 years from now
20. Rain in Mumbai in the coming monsoon
21. India's prime minister in 2020
22. Whether it will be a bright or cloudy day tomorrow

and many many more ..............

Science plays role in a minuscule part of human life. Why insist that everything needs to be scientific. Because science sells and it sells exclusively for the western world. We fools dump our culture, values and tradition to make money for the west. By the time we realize this it will be too late.

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