Eating during Eclipse by Ramaswamy Sastry

TV Channels during eclipses are full of programs by the scientific community ridiculing the "superstition" that it is not good to eat during eclipse. It may be good, bad or irrelevant.

The 'scientists" say that there is no evidence that it is harmful. Has anyone really conducted a research ? That is the scientific process. Not merely making high handed arbitrary statements in the guise of science.

It would have been highly appreciated if the scientists - as is the normal case -had taken a sample of 2000 persons divided them into two groups of 1000 each, one group eating and one group not eating. All the relevant body and health parameters should have been measured and observed for at least the next 5 years before coming to a conclusion as to whether it is harmful or not to eat during eclipse.

Many religions prescribe abstinence from food or restrictions during certain periods of time and it is part of the faith. Muslims stay away from food during day time in Holy Ramzan and Christians also observe food restrictions prior to Easter. Are we going to question all this scientifically?

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