Allasani Peddana


Who is Allasani Peddana?

There were eight great poets in the court of Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara (1509-1530 AD). They were called Ashta Diggajas. 

Allsani Peddana was one among them. 

He has been given the title Sarvatomukhandhra Kavitapitamaha.

Where does Allasani Peddana belong to?

Peddanapadu village in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.

What is the family background of Allasani Peddana?

Allasani Peddana was a Smarta Niyogi Brahmin of the Nandavarika sect. 

He belonged to Vasishta gotra. 

His father’s name was Chokkayamatya.

Who was the guru of Allasani Peddana?

Shatakopa Yati (शठकोपयतिः).

Which are the major works of Allasani Peddana?

Hari Kathasara was his first work followed by Simhavalokana Utpalamalika, and his most famous work Svarochishamanu Sambhavamu (Manucharitra). 

There are two more works: Ramastavarajam and Advaitasiddhantamu often attributed to Allasani Peddana.

What is special about Simhavalokana Utpalamalika?

Simhavalokana Utpalamalika is written in the meter Utpalamala and it has got thirty lines.

It is about how to compose poems and how to use the words of Telugu and Sanskrit.  

This work reflects his mystique character and naturalistic outlook and also covers drama, music, rhythms, and experience of the senses.

What is special about Manucharitra?

Manucharitra written by Allasani Peddana is about the birth of Svarochisha Manu, the founder of mankind in the Svarochisha Manvantara. 

It is adapted from the Markandeya Purana. 

In this book, Peddana compares the birth of the son of Krishnadevaraya to the birth of Svarochisha Manu.

 Manucharitra’s original title is Svarochishamanu Sambhavamu.

How did Krishnadevaraya felicitate Allasani Peddana?

Krishnadevaraya himself was a poet. 

He gave the Kavigandapenderam to Allasani Peddana. 

Krishnadevaraya himself wore the golden ornament around Peddana’s ankle.


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