Action And The Concept Of Brahman

Let us examine how human action relates to the concept of Brahman.

Two broad divisions of Brahman

Brahman can be broadly divided into Nirguna Brahman and Saguna Brahman.
It is Nirguna Brahman alone which manifests as Saguna Brahman.

Three subdivisions of Saguna Brahman

Further, Saguna Brahman is subdivided into Avyaya, Akshara, and Kshara.

How is human existence connected to these four states?

Human existence has four levels.
Body - Mind - Intellect - Atman.
Body is connected to Kshara.
Mind is connected to Akshara.
Intellect is connected to Avyaya.
Atman is connected to Nirguna Brahman.

How is action related to these?

A person who simply meets the needs of the body - such as satisfying hunger, quenching thirst, increasing pleasure, or reducing discomfort - is at the level of Kshara.
Action in animals exists only at this level.

A level above, using the intellect and the mind.
There is a difference between these two.
The emotions that arise from the mind must be suppressed.
Intellect should guide action, not the mind.
These are at the level of Askhara and Avyaya.

At Nirguna Brahman's level, action is relinquished.


Ramaswamy Sastry and Vighnesh Ghanapaathi

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