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( Registered under Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 )

( Reg.no. E-10014 / Thane dt.04/08/2016 )

  1. Offer financial support to Vedic Gurukuls and learning centers of Shastras and Sanskrit.
  2. Establish and manage Gurukuls for Vedas, Shastras and Sanskrit.
  3. Organize chanting of Vedas by scholars on an ongoing basis for universal peace and well being.
  4. Propagate the high moral values contained in Vedas and Hindu religious scriptures to enable people to lead a righteous and meritorious life and become good citizens. Assist public in spiritual upliftment by educating them about the methods of spiritual sadhana and practices.
  5. Educate, encourage and assist people to perform pujas, religious festivals, Vedic rituals and yajnas.
  6. Temples are the pillars of Hindu dharma. There are thousands of them in dilapidated condition. Vedadhara will make effort to renovate and manage such temples within its capacity.
  7. Construct and manage temples and centers of sadhana and spiritual practices.
  8. Educate people about the values and practices in Vedic tradition through websites and other means of modern communication such as TV and print media.
  9. Organize religious and spiritual discourses, bhajans, keertans, mass prayers and mass ceremonies such as marriage and upanayanam.
  10. Recover and restore religious scriptures.
  11. Print, publish and distribute Hindu religious books and materials.
  12. Produce and broadcast programs pertaining to religion and spirituality through television and other means of communication such as social media and webcasting.
  13. Perform live streaming of pujas and rituals for the benefit of people.
  14. Offer financial and medical assistance to people who have dedicated their lives for the cause of Vedas and also their widows.
  15. Teach moral and spiritual values to children based on Vedic literature.
  16. Organize various cultural programs, competitions, dance, dramas, movies based on Vedic culture to give practical engagement to children and give them a chance for healthy spiritual growth.
  17. Distribute free food ( Anna danam ) to people in general and to poor and hungry in particular.
  18. Establish and manage Goshalas.
  19. Organize and conduct yajnas and ceremonies for universal peace and well being.
  20. Establish and run institutions for research and training in Vedic sciences, Ayurveda and other allied subjects.
  21. To give donations in general to Temples and other places of worship, dharmashalas and ashrams.

Bank & Branch: Induslnd Bank, Ghodbunder Road, Thane Branch
Account No.: 100054758082 IFSC code: INDB0000357

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