Abhijit Muhurta

Abhijit Muhurta


Not able to find an auspicious time to do something important?

Don’t worry.

It’s there every day (except on Wednesdays).

It’s called Abhijit Muhurta.


Why is Abhijit Muhurta auspicious?

अभिजिन्नाम मध्याह्ने मुहूर्तो वैष्णवः स्मृतः।

चक्रमादाय भगवान् विष्णुर्दोषान्व्यपोहति॥

The lord of Abhijit is Vishnu.

Bhagavan himself protects Abhijit Muhurta from all defects with his Sudarshana Chakra.


How to find Abhijit Muhurta?

Duration of the day = sunset - sunrise

Duration of one muhurta = Duration of the day / 15

The eighth muhurta from sunrise is Abhijit.

It will be spread on both sides of mid-noon.


sunrise - 6.00 am

sunset - 6.00 pm

sunset - sunrise = 6.00 pm - 6.00 am = 12 hrs = 720 mins.

One muhurta - 720 / 15 = 48 mins.

8th muhurta = 11:36 am to 12.24 pm.

This is Abhijit Muhurta.

The duration and timing of Abhijit Muhurta will change depending on changes in sunrise and sunset.




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Vedic concepts are supreme. Very well explained,❤️😇 -Sarita Chopra

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