A divine rhyme. Ideal for children to learn and perform in schools. Click to listen

Ganesha is our favourite God

Rides on a mouse and worthy of laud

Sees to it always that we face no block

Modaka he has in plenty of stock



Thank our teachers and sages of yore

Who show us the way to learn and grow more

With mountains and rivers and valleys so nice

May Bharat Mata’s fame always rise.



Goddess of learning Saraswathy

With folded hands we pray to thee

Blessings we seek for success from you

Let our knowledge be as great as you



Smiling Lord Krishna playing the flute

With dancing peacocks and calves so cute

God of kindness and mercy and love

Make our hearts as tender as dove



Lord of the yogis with three eyes and bull

Easily pleased and so merciful

Greatest of doctors make us so strong

Watch over us that we do no wrong


You can lift mountains and fly over sea

You are Lord Rama’s best devotee

You strike the evil like lightning bolt

Your arms for us are safe as a vault.



Show us the light, Oh God so bright

Surya, you dispel the gloom of the night

Giver of life and might for all

Look after us so we never fall

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