Why Rameswaram is such a great holy place ? Click to listen

Among Holy teerthas, Rameswaram is very important.

Setu bandhanam or building of the sea bridge, done by Lord Rama is one of the main reasons which has made Rameswaram a holy place.

A bridge across the sea, symbolically also is very prominent.

We call the worldly delusion as samsara sagara.

And a bridge is the means to take you across, towards knowledge, towards to moksha.

It is this bridge that Lord Rama built as a result of which evil was conquered and destroyed.

Someone is evil because of lack of knowledge. Because of ignorance.

Someone who has knowledge cannot be evil.

So this bridge across sea also symbolizes the destruction of evil, destruction of papa. After building of which evil was destroyed.

Skanda Purana says – merely visiting Rameswaram with faith is enough to take you across the samsara sagara, bhava sagara.

This is where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva, the Rameswara.

By visiting Rameswaram, both Vishnu bhakti and Shiva bhakti, both will increase.

Just darshan of Rameswaram will get you the merits of performing yajnas.

By taking bath at Rameswaram you would reach Vaikuntha.

Just by remembering Sethu, the bridge, Rameswara linga and Gandhamadana parvata, one is relieved of all papas.

Even the sand of setu is purifying. The number of particles of sand that gets attached to your body, as many brahmahatyas it will destroy.

Drinking alcohol is a maha pataka. The breeze of Rameswaram can destroy 10,000 such papas.

After, demise, if someone’s ashes are immersed at Rameswaram, even if he has been stealing gold for 10,000 years, he will be absolved of this sin.

Another maha pataka is keeping the company of evil people.

If you take bath at Rameswaram thinking about another person, even his papa on account of keeping company with evil people will be cleansed.

There are some papas considered as equivalent to brahmahatya.

Obstructing pathway, obstructing a road, obstructing someone’s free movement is equivalent to brahmahatya.

If you cook only for yourself. Food should be shared. Every time you cook only for yourself, you incur a sin equivalent to brahmahatya. Insulting and talking bad about noble people. If you accept food from evil people, and if you sell Veda or divine knowledge, these are all equivalents of brahma hatya.

You promise something and then back out, this is also equivalent to brahm hatya.

So are -

Doing harm to your guru.

Insulting your guru.

Stopping cows going near a water body from drinking water.

All these brahmaghatees are purified at Rameswaram.

There are many more such papas. To start an upasana and leave it midway is a papa.

Taking deeksha, many people do this and not doing justice to it is a papa.

All such papas are cleaned by taking bath at setu.

What bhavana you keep when you are taking bath, the result will depend on that,

If you have no desire in mind, while taking bath – moksha will be obtained

If you wish for wealth and take bath, you will get wealth

If you want atmashuddhi, an unperturbed mind and clear conscience, you will get that.

If you think about heaven and take bath, you will attain heaven

You think about any siddhi and take bath at setu, you will get that.

Even if you don’t have faith and take bath at setu, still your troubles will leave you.

If you are not able to go to Rameswaram and do setu snana yourself, you can sponsor somebody who is desirous of undertaking this pilgrimage or make a contribution.

It has the same merit.

Like in yajna, the yajamana is the sponsorer. The yajna is performed by priests. In the same way, you can also sponsor someone or contribute towards someone’s pilgrimage.

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